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Helping Local Business Thrive on the High Street

I was invited to join the "Save the High Street" back in 2018. The team's initiative is to level the ground of local business by helping them with modern marketing tools and the use of the power of internet.

To put this vision in practice they created Jo, a SaaS tool that offers practical solutions from window shop suggestions to a personalised plan for Instagram posts.
Onboarding solution and App for a customer that is not tech savvy but in need of a partner to help them with the challenges and opportunities of the new connected world.
We designed and developed an App and Onboarding strategy that helped hundreds of new customers easily understand and adopt new online technologies that grow their business daily and helps the High Street stay alive and thrive.
Web Design
Website Development
Content Strategy
Frontend App Development


The discovery exercises brought to light useful insights and helped the team focus on the right customer. Eventually, we realised that it would be best to niche down and focus on helping middle-aged passionate women business owners that are left behind tech-wise and need a business partner to help them embrace and thrive in the new connected world.


The discovery sessions inspired the styleboard creation to follow a certain feminine direction with the graphic style. Later on, this extremity had to be slightly adjusted through learning that quite a significant chunk of the target is also male.

We also deduced that our future users are passionate about their local business and need that human connection that their local store can bring. This inspired the use of real business owners at the image level.


The identity had to be simple and iconic. Jo is your friend, your partner, she's not too sophisticated but has a big heart and she's ready to help you anytime.

The colours are feminine but with a touch of blue, that inspires positivity in a dynamic, connected future for the user's business
Primary Colors
Secondary Colors


Learning that the audience is not exactly tech-savvy we envisioned adding a human touch to the onboarding process by chat or phone. The chat version (wireframed underneath) allows the team to assist the user step by step while creating his profile through live forms.

App Design

I created a set of styles, rules, illustration and screens for the team to be able to implement the app. I also participated in the implementation phase to help the team make sure the app is perfectly responsive for the multitude of screens that it might be used on.
Virgil is EPIC! I first saw his work years ago and at my earliest opportunity found an excuse to have him work with us, and have done so in every company since! Anything from Branding, User Experience, Design and Coding Virgil has it all. A keen mind, curious, artistic and professional he has helped me unleash the potential of a number of businesses and opportunities.

Mark Stephenson

CTO of JoinJo & SaveTheHighStreet (up to 2019)

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