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ClientZen Ongoing

Turning clients into

This project came into my lap as a proposal from a friend to take part in a new exciting startup. After learning about the idea I became intrigued. We decided to create a brand and a website to test if there are any interest and market need.

Just in less than 2 months since the inception of the idea, we were already getting feedback.
Create a Brand an website that clearly presents a untested idea and understand if there's a market need.
I helped the team design and develop a website based on clear brand attributes in accordance with the target market. The message was clearly understood and 124 emails were collected through the newsletter in the first 2 months.
Web Design
Content Strategy


During the discovery process, we unravelled the optimum positioning strategy for the brand. The problem of ClientZen's target market is the frustration and fear that comes out of cold, digital based relationships between the agency and its clients.

Thus the overlaying X factor of this brand: "Zen".


I mixed the attributes that surfaced during the branding strategy sessions and tried to use the clear-minded, zen attitude that is underlying the whole project. The use of one width line throughout the symbol and text helps keep it simple and creates a sense of easiness. There are no sharp corners in the design but we used a geometric font to illustrate the idea order and clarity.
Primary Colors
Secondary Colors


The website has 2 core functions:
  • Test the validity of the idea by getting impressions and subscribers
  • Create a centre of knowledge about client happiness for digital agencies to help them keep up to date on the subject.
To test and validate the idea with a landing page I suggested this content strategy:
  • Qualify the viewer as target market through a set of questions related to their specific problems
  • Show 3 strong benefits of the product
  • Meet client's possible objections and fears through a set of guarantees
  • Describe the input/output  process of the future product as the practical plan to success
  • Add a transitional CTA using valuable articles
  • Show social proof

Zenful Illustrations & Iconography

Further exploring the graphics style of the brand we created a set of illustrations and an icon set to better explain a few concepts behind how the app works.
Virgil is not just a designer. His whole process focuses on delivering value.  

We were pleased to have him as a design sprint facilitator because without this phase we would have invested a big budget in an unvalidated project.

Ovidiu Cojocariu

Co-Founder of ClientZen

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