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Learn Sociocracy 3.0

Organizations from within

Since Sociocracy 3.0 was launched back in 2015 several agencies emerged, that are teaching its benefits for the world at large. 2 years ago, some of these agencies decided that it would be better to unite and infuse their combined strengths and opportunities into a new startup: Learn S3.

I was introduced to the project and took on the challenge to unite the new team under a clear brand and to develop an easy to use online experience that would make their complex content easy to digest and guide customers through the course purchase.
Create a new online brand that stands out from the competition and becomes the highest authority in Sociocracy 3.0 learning.
I helped Learn S3 define their brand and designed and developed their website. This led to 200+ subscribers in the first 2-3 months and a continuously growing community.
Content Strategy,
UI / UX, Webflow,
Style Guides,
Printing guides


The styleboard is a great tool to quickly experiment with visual styles while the brad is not yet clearly defined. In the case of Learn S3 it did not take long until we got close to the overall look and feel.

Identity and
Style Guides

The visual branding of Learn S3 was developed based on 3 attributes: Clarity, Mindfulness and a pinch of Playfulness.

To increase the perceived authority and familiarity of the brand I adapted and enhanced te colors used for Sociocracy 3.0.

Extensive style guides were provided to ensure the consistency of online and printed materials.The final logo is an adaptation of their initial logo to ensure that the familiarity is kept through the evolution of the brand
Primary Colors
Secondary Colors


While discussing content strategy we identified 2 types of users: Those who are familiar with Sociocracy 3.0 and those who are not. This created some challenges in the strategy, but eventually, we used the method of user education right from the landing page to ensure smooth onboarding.

Simplicity driven Design

Creating the style boards helped define the graphic style and design basics elements so that at this point designing come natural. Going with a mobile-first design strategy insured comfort for the over the 50% targeted customers that are known to use phones to view the website.

Webflow at it's best

The power of Webflow made the implementation enjoyable. CSS and HTML truly become alive with this tool that goes beyond all expectations. During the design phase, I was able to plan all the development aspects just like lego parts and then easily assemble them for best results
Virgil became part of our team and contributed greatly to us getting (even more) clear on who is our audience, what are their needs and how to communicate effectively. He stayed objective, challenged our assumptions and backed up his suggestions with clear arguments.He was reliable, prompt in his delivery and quick on integrating improvement. But most of all, he is an alchemist who can turn ideas and concepts into creative and engaging design."

Lili David

Co-Founder of Learn S3

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